Sunday, December 31, 2006


Well, friends, brothers and sisters,

We reach the final day of 2006.

This year has been probably the most intense for coming to know....really know the One.

He has revealed...He has lead....He has become my reason for life...because He is Life to me.

Things of this earth are so much fading away.

I mean, I have my family, my work, my earthly enjoyments and activities....

But nothing compares to this Life that is Him.

What fresh joy and revelations and confidences He has shared with me this past year.

What wonderful people I have crossed paths with.....ok, some not so wonderful....

But that has been sooooo good as well.

What great writers of His revelations I have come to read because He lead me to them.

He has brought me to this moment, today and I thank Him, even in the pain....I know that

He is my Life. It gets no better than this. Eternal Life has begun this year for me....

really and truly the understanding of this has begun....I had eternal life before...what it

entailed....I did not know. Coming to this awareness has freed me. I have Abundant Life.

He is in me. I am in Him. He brings me His Peace.


Thanks again to all who have helped me realize this Truth that have helped Him bring me to this moment.

It is all Him....but He used you all as vessels of Himself. I have seen the Lord in each one of you. Blessed is His Name!

Joyous New Year!

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