Friday, March 16, 2007

It is difficult, but who better knew misunderstanding?

Prepare to be Misunderstood

The paramount stigma of being today's man or woman is probably that of being misunderstood. Nothing is more painful than this. We can cope with a lot that people say against us - as long as they are fully in the picture and still disagree. But what hurts is when they aren't in the picture and they form judgments and perceptions that are based on limited information.

I sometimes think that much of Jesus' pain at His crucifixion was a result of His being misunderstood. Nothing made sense. It didn't add up that the same man who raised Lazarus from the dead a few days before was now hanging on a cross. Why didn't Jesus stop the proceedings that led to His crucifixion? Anybody who could control the wind and storm on the Sea of Galilee could surely have intervened before Herod or Pilate.

There were any number of ways in which He could have stopped being crucified. Common sense told everybody this. So why was He being crucified?

The disciples couldn't figure it out - they all forsook Him and fled (Matt. 26:56). Never once did Jesus explain Himself.

It must have been almost unbearable emotional pain for Jesus to see Mary Magdalene sobbing her heart out at the scene of the cross and not be allowed to whisper to her, "It's OK, Mary; all is going according to plan. I'm atoning for the sins of the world by My blood." But there was no hint of this. He had to bear the further stigma of being misunderstood, even by those closest to Him.

Whether others understood or not, He did the right thing - He listened to God.

Preceeding thoughts found in:
By Love Transformed by R.T. Kendall
(excerpted from The Anointing: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow)


Anonymous said...

couple of thoughts:
1) Jesus laid down his life - no man took it. He fulfilled Our Father's will.

2) He was probably misunderstood a great deal - more realistically some of those who understood rejected Him.

3) We cannot control others. We can persuade, sell, negotiate...but we can never ever control someone think such is insanity and the source of a great deal of heartache.

4) I think our approach should be one as of those around but those who accept you and those who reject you - oh well - to h*ll with them.

5) Part of the problem of being misunderstood is often the other party is not actively listening.

RoG thinkn out loud...oh well...perhaps I am misunderstood...ha!

Anonymous said...

Ammendment to
4) I think our approach should be one as of those around but those who accept you, ACCEPT YOU and those who reject you - oh well - to h*ll with them. RoG

In Christ Alone said...

Hey RoG,
I almost thought I had misunderstood you when I read the first post..... :) Thanks for clarifying with the second.

#5 - Do I know how to listen in and of myself? Not listening, trying to hear myself above the rest, no time, agenda, motive, pride, self-centeredness...all that and a bag of potato chips...gets me empty relationships and empty calories.

Child of the King said...

Unlike Jesus, we have no right to judge here on this plane at all...the commandment to us is to Love God & Love Others as matters not whether they accept us or reject us...the commandment stands to simply love!