Thursday, March 29, 2007

On Prayer

Quote from Miracles by C.S. Lewis as noted by Yancey in Prayer.

"This impossibility of empirical proof is a spiritual necessity. A man who knew empirically that an event had been caused by his prayer would feel like a magician. His head would turn and his heart would be corrupted. The Christian is not to ask whether this or that event happened because of a prayer. He is rather to believe that all events without exception are answers to prayer in the sense that whether they are grantings or refusals the prayers of all concerned and their needs have all been taken into account. All prayers are heard, though not all prayers are granted."

Yancey goes on, quoting Lewis, "Only faith vouches for the connection. No empirical proof could establish it."

Then Yancey says something that I think is so very cool and sings to me.

"We believe a prayer has been answered not because of any scientific criteria proving cause and effect, but because we have faith. Trusting God's character, we can see in the relation between our prayer and an event more than a coincidence. We see a true partnership, intimate and intertwined."

Sweet and smooth like honey.....this session I am having on prayer.

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