Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Profundity of it all

From "This Day's Thought"

Hold a true friend with both hands.

Nigerian proverb

Anybody up for a field trip?


JSBreeze - Grace Roots said...

Hey! I'm up for a field trip! LOL

Funny, in the past couple of years I've "met" so many great people through the internet, including a few of you wonderful Canadians, :) , and just this morning I was thinking how cool it would be to take like a two week road trip sometime and come and meet some of you (in Canada and here in the States). Don't know how/what/when/where/if it will ever happen, but at least I know I'll for sure meet you all "some" day. :)

In Christ Alone said...

Hey Breezy,
I really was referring to Nigeria, but keep me posted on the road trip plans. :)
Between your post and an e-mail I received from a "friend", in England ....whom I have never actually met...but truly love in the Lord, as I do you, my brother, day has been made that much more special. This internet has been a great way to reach others and share and just add a little different type of flavour to this most definitely interesting journey ... Really, country makes no nevermind to me...I like to see the heart of Christ, there is the genuine family bond. His blessing is upon you.
In Him,