Friday, March 02, 2007

Sparking on Sparks

Ok, so my brother, encourager, friend over at walking church has posted (and posted and posted, lol) on T. Austin Sparks. Some great words and understandings on our Life - Jesus Christ.

I have been encouraged to look into the FREE booklet "The Centrality and Supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ" by this author and have found that it is all that and more, for my particular questions at this time.

I don't know if RoG over there at walking church posted on this before but I know that I was just talking to a fellow saint yesterday about this very thing and some bell went off in my mind (which of course is the mind of Christ....and when I listen, it seems to undo me). This takes me to Sparks and this booklet, yet again.....

"The centrality and supremacy of the Lord Jesus is the pivot and the key to all the Scriptures."

"Of course the Lord Jesus Himself has told us as much. We know from Luke 24 that this is so. There we find Him talking Moses, the Psalms, and all the Prophets, and in them all speaking of the things concerning Himself. So that in our reading of the Word of God, wherever we happen to be reading, the question that should always be in our minds is "What has this to do with Christ?": and if you bring that question to your reading of the Word of God, wherever you may read (and that is not said without thought) you will at once get a new understanding of the Word, you will have a new value in your reading: for the Scriptures, and all the Scriptures, are they which speak of Him: although you may have difficutlty sometimes in tracing Him, yet He is there. The cumulative effect of all parts of the Word of God is to bring you to Christ."

Sparks goes on to suggest that whatever we read from the Scriptures to not limit the portion in terms of just historical, narrative, prophecey or any other such theme in itself....but to always have the question ..."What has this to do with Christ? This is the key to unlocking Scripture.
Now, you theologians out there.....know this already, I am sure....but for me....this was a real revelation. I knew this .... but to really think and meditate on this .....mind blowing!

Sparks reminds us that the reason for saying this is ...."the Lord Jesus is by Divine appointment, at the centre of everything in this universe, every phase and every aspect, and He is its explanation."

Way too cool!

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Anonymous said...

You are indeed 'Sparkling' ICA!

The thing that kinds of trailors this understanding about the scripture also translates in all activities when the question is asked: 'What is the measure of Christ in this?'

Watchman Nee also grasp this exclusivity of Jesus. One of his books, a great read, not too long is..."Christ the sum of all things spiritual".

Keep on the Sparks - you many never buy another book retail again!!! can't believe this stuff is free and few take up the offer.

RoG one of the walkers ad walkingchurch.