Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Answer to Prayer

Woo hoo!

My sister had an MRI last week and today we visited with the specialist in London to get the readings. As of today, there are no signs of any further cancerous growths, bits, anything in her body. She still has some strengthening to achieve and a few left-over issues from radiation but things are looking amazingly wonderful.

I thank all who have prayed, thought of and kept her in mind as you have read up on the progress or been reminded by Jesus at whatever times.

We as a family rejoice and I thank God for His Hand in all of this. The dynamics that have ocurred because of this event and the circumstances.....bring me to my knees and I am over the moon with gratitude.

I will take this gift and I share with you all that He gives and takes away but Blessed Be His Name, no matter what the circumstance and the outcome.

Praise You God!


GuyMuse said...

We rejoice with you!

Aida said...

I just started reading your blog so I wasn't aware of this but I'm rejoicing with you too. Thanks for sharing.