Wednesday, April 02, 2008

If He lives in and through us.....

Again from "Authentic Relationships".

"Healthy relationships, however, are not created by sitting together in the same building or participating in the same activities, but by capturing Jesus' heart for life-changing relationships. Throughout Jesus' ministry he demonstrated that the simplest acts of love and friendship could reach the most hardened souls and transform them."

"The early believers didn't see themselves as an institution; they saw themselves as a family. Church wasn't something they went to; it was a way of living in relationship with the Father and his other children. Indeed, having learned to love one another, they were unable to restrain themselves from treating others in the world with that same love. It marked them exactly as Jesus said it would - as children of God in a hostile world."

"The world marveled at the early church's ability to live selflessly. They had become others-focused like Jesus, and the world was transformed by it. When the apostles summed up the early believers' lifestyle in their letters, they didn't mention much about their organization or their meetings. Instead, they wrote about their relationships and the joy of treating one another the way God had treated them."

Why is this such a rare thing to find in today's world, church, .......?

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Walking Church said...

Their salvation had not become old - the vibrance, of the promised Messiah's arrival, was beyound their wildest dreams. They had been forgiven much. They celebrated much.

I believe they also thought His physical return was extremely imminent - whereas we don't truly believe His return is anytime soon. Look at how we plan for retirement; look at the buildings (fortresses) that house 'C'hurch. Look how badly we treat one another.

Many love our big-box store Denominations and our Church Royalty (leaders) more than Jesus. Going to 'church' is a second job for many of sorts.

Early Christians put their yap where their hieny is - meaning...they died for what believed. Put a group of people who die together while some survive you have some significant sur-real dynamics that happen.

Many have lost the organic - grass roots, tactile 24-7 experience.

Core too, I believe our culture seriously believes it is all about 'Me'. Jesus is next, maybe family next, then my brothers and sisters, and then God forbid people in my neighbourhood or workplace. Many do not get beyond 'me'!