Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In other words .... It isn't about you!

Source: Authentic Relationships

"Jesus didn't lace his relationships with expectations, and he refused to be trapped when others sought to put their expectations on him. He disappointed Mary and Martha by delaying his trip to Bethany when they begged him to come and heal their brother, Lazarus. He didn't tell people all they wanted to know, nor did he heal people just to prove his power. Many misunderstood him, and others got angry with him, yet he just kept loving them as they were, gently pointing them to the truth and letting them decide whether to come or not. He refused to manipulate people even for their own good, and he was not crushed when they turned on him."

"The popular saying is true: "Expectations are resentments waiting to happen." We sabotage many of our relationships by imposing expectations on others or trying to meet theirs. It cannot be done. People who live with expectations will never be satisfied. Of course we can still love those who impose their expectations on us, but we will also have to find peace in knowing that we may never be able to love them in the way they demand it."

"Instead of letting your disappointment rage at whoever has not done what you thought he or she should, ask Jesus to help you trust him to bring whoever you need into your life without demanding that it come your way."

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three fish guy said...

Thanks for this post Sister. It hits me where I currently reside. brings to memory of what a wise old A.A. sponsor said once to me: "Never put an expectation on anything. When we do this to ourselves we set ourselves u for failure."

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