Thursday, April 03, 2008

Where are these one-anothering people?

How great this would be and where are they? Again from "Authentic Relationships".

"Please notice, however, that Jesus didn't say to "get love from each other." He told them simply to love one another. Whenever we focus on what others can do for us instead of what God might ask us to do for them, we allow self to rule the relationship, and doing so will ultimately bring disappointment and pain."

"Perhaps the greatest freedom of one-anothering is the freedom god gives us not to be focused on ourselves all the time."

"The more you experience the reality of God's love, the more you will find yourself sharing it with others. The last thing I want this book to do is to add to your list of ways a good Christian should act toward others. That misses the point. God doesn't want you to pretend to love others or to make you act like it. He wants to set you so free in his love that it spills out of you and touches others. It is an amazing process."

The last paragraph really sums it up for me......nothing in me or about is all about His love and His Life in me overflowing and lived out to others.

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fish on the brain guy. said...

Mathematically speaking when we attempt to add ourself to Jesus we get Jesus. When we try to subtract ourself the same answer... Jesus. No multiplication, division, exponents, square roots or whatever math will ever change the total. This is Jesus.

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