Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"Simply Worship"

I attended a "Simply Worship" night at the Capital Theatre here in town on Friday night. The event is being pushed by Pastor Kyle Rolph(Eastwood) and our very own Kelly (Knox and Bible Club). The Youth Network of Elgin County is really the hosting body and it went over fairly well, however it is not just meant for youth, all are welcome. Let's say I enjoyed it. Two bands played. "Not Home Yet" and the Eastwood Youth Worship Band. No sermon....a little scripture, a few statements of how wonderful our God is and just music to worship by. The youth were tentative but hopefully it will stir their hearts to continue on with this. To be decided but probably the fifth Saturday of any month that has a fifth Saturday. There were probably 100 in attendance give or take....and the theatre could hold 250. Pray that this may evolve into something that God can use as an instrument of His Glory and that more "churches" across the city and county would step up and worship together as His Body in Spirit and in Truth. There were maybe four represented Saturday night. May this be something that walls and denominations are never thought about and that all children of God could enter into without agenda and without fear.

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three fish guy said...

It is most intereting to note your post about the unity seen here. It truly is worship without denominational barriers as God's children lift their voices to praise Him, lord Of Lords, Host Of Hosts. Also interesting the first tribe mentioned in Genisis IS "Jubba" which is jublance which is music. I believe God loves music.

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