Friday, April 07, 2006

He steers!

Jesus is the Head of the Church. He leads us and belonging to any group will never save us. Take hold of His very large hand when on the rough seas of life. If you know the Truth, you know Christ. Teachers will fail. Mentors will fail. Yes, we need these people in our lives. Never make them your life. He is the only one who will never disappoint. Don't make teachers or speakers or leaders or pastors your idols. Only put your hope in the Lord for nothing else gives us eternal hope. If you are not in Him, you are against Him. Accept all the imperfections in the people around you, because you know they are there. There are imperfections in you as well, No surprise there, eh? They are not Christ, they are not God. How exciting to recognize that no one can take my hope away. I am His. Always will be. No matter what happens. No matter what anyone tells me. No matter what has happened in the past. No matter what.
He steers this boat even with its holes and groanings and creakings. He steers this boat from within the boat. He knows this boat. He created this boat. He loves this boat.

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