Monday, April 10, 2006

International 'BE REAL' Day

Okay, so today is international ''BE REAL' day. I decided to make it such. I am a Child of the King so I figure it is pretty much within my power in Him to do this and so many other things that I won't even get started on. :)
Put all pretense, masks and falsity aside and let me know what you really think. I have a hard enough time figuring out the Truth, let's have a day, a week, a year or how about better yet......a lifetime of being real with each other. Let the defenses down and share your heart one with another. It changes not who you are in Christ. It changes not your identity in Him. You know what? It changes not my love in Christ for you. You are a Child of the King. Free in Christ. Free indeed!

Love you all just because He is surging His love within me and through me.

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