Thursday, April 13, 2006

Never need to walk the aisle again!

Just trying to gain some insight on faltering in this walk in Christ and this 'Grace Walk' wherever we find ourselves on the journey.
It seems that we all stumble along the way. As much as we speak and exhort this life, allowing Him to live in and through us, why do so many of us and I include myself in this, falter periodically.
I know that we all have up days and down days because we are human and still on this earth. Isn't there a way to live more victoriously, as we have been released from the old law and have embraced not having to 'do' anything. The freedom is there isn't it? We still seem to struggle and I don't know why the encumbrance of the old way of living stays with some of us (all of us?) despite our new understanding and revelation by the Holy Spirit. We may not be walking the aisle every so often but it seems like this repetitive falling away and coming back continues in many saints lives. Is this an inevitable part of the Christian walk? It makes me nervous.
Does it come down to just not appropriating entirely who we are in Christ. Are we all going to falter at some point? Can we avoid this? I want true victory!

God is so faithful. Just when I finished asking this question, I hear a message from Frank Friedmann, on this very topic on Grace Walk radio.

He said in part,

"I do not need to DO anything if I am in Christ. That we need to treat ourselves and each other with incredible respect and dignity because we are standing on holy ground because God Himself lives in us. We need to know who we are in Him. There is a fire inside of me that will never be put out. Appropriate it and don't be know who you are. If a hundred saints go forward on an altar call....don't be surprised, but don't feel pressured to go as well. It is unnecessary if you know who you are. I am a child of God. I am a saint. I am perfectly loved. I am holy. I sit at the right side of God because Christ does and I live in Christ. I am the righteousness of God. I am sanctified. I have died. I am now alive in Him. I know who I am in Him."

I have already come to Him. He is with me, in me and lives through me. Victory is mine! I guess we need to hear this and remind ourselves over and over again until it is there without question. Still would appreciate your thoughts.

I love this Life!

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