Friday, June 22, 2007


From Today's Thought

From the trenches....

"You don't see the church on Sunday morning any more than you see the army when it's on dress parade."

Bill Popejoy


Kelly said...

I like this comment alot. How very true...what you see on Sunday morning is simply the part that looks good on the outside. The real work and life of the church is in the moment by moment warfare that goes on. Not only externally but internally as well. The moments that we are on our knees crying out to God, the moments we are humbled by His grace, the moments we are overwhelmed by His presence, the moments that we yeild ourselves to Him time and time again. The real life is every breath given over to Him and every moment surrendering to Jesus, that He may live and move and have His being within us!

In Christ Alone said...

Hey girl,
You ever thought of writing a book...your way with words combined with Him ... takes my breath away.
Thanks for visiting again! :)

In Him,