Friday, June 01, 2007

On Ephesians

Third take of 10 Quick Takes on Ephesians 5:21/22-33 by Chris Spinks.

I love reading this blog. It has interesting and thought provoking views on the Scriptures. Very cool! Check it out!

"On the subject of modern interpretations, I have always been perplexed by something. Wives are told to submit to husbands. That’s in the text. No way around it. Husbands are told to love wives. Fine. Rarely any problem for we modern folks on this. Here’s the thing though: I imagine most people would agree that wives ought to love their husbands as well. Right? We understand the ideal marriage as one where both partners love each other. But, the Ephesians text only calls on the husband to love. We easily understand a reciprocation of this love from the wife’s end. Why do we not also just as easily understand a reciprocation of the submission from the husband’s end? Indeed, v. 21 is quite explicit about it. Yet I would imagine if we were to ask a “traditionalist” to describe a good marriage, he (purposefully exclusive language!) would say something about love between the husband and wife and the submission of the wife to the husband. Why no submission between the husband and wife? I’m perplexed."

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Anonymous said...

I think we do not want to get too legalistic by binding ourselves with more over interpreting this passage

It mentions to love our wives as much as Christ loved the church. Is that not the ultimate submission and highest of callings?

Lately, I have also learned that husbands crave 'respect' while wives want to be 'loved'.

It has been my experience also that I am very sensitive/submissive to meeting my wife's desires - as this is an expression of my respect and love for her. I value very much her happiness.

Just think'n out loud - RoG