Monday, June 18, 2007

I was tagged by Joel over there at the grace roots blog....

1. Those tagged will share 5 Things They Dig About Jesus.

2. Those tagged will tag 5 people.

3.Those tagged will leave a link to their meme in the comments section of this post so everyone can keep track of what's being posted. (not really sure what this means....but I will try to do it right....try, try, really can be all about the trying, can't it? :)Thanks Joel....for still being there and checking in, now and again.

Here are 5 things I dig about Jesus:

1. Jesus laid down His life for us, so that He could give His life to us, so that He could live His life through us.

2. I have total forgiveness because of Jesus.

3. Jesus is the solution for every need of my heart.

4. Jesus cares for me in a way that I cannot even begin to imagine.

5. I live under grace that came from Jesus (and that really is Him).

Now I tag:
1. oncoffee
2. mikey'sgodtalk
3. the M blog
4. madetopraisehim
5. "For such a time as this"

I don't think that too many will respond, but that's is all good.


Joel Brueseke - Grace Roots said...

Great list! I dig it.

Yeah, I also wasn't exactly sure what Rule #3 meant. I tried to look up the word "meme" but still don't exactly know what it means. This all apparently started here:

I'm not sure if I was supposed to comment there, with a link to my own list, or if I was supposed to comment on the blog of the person who tagged me, which is what I ended up doing. Like you say, as long as we try, try, and try harder, that's what counts. ;)

Mark H said...

Thanks for the tag. Here goes ...

Mark H said...

Richard Bentall said...

Greetings from the UK.

Here are my five
1) God is good
2) God is good all the time
3) God is good at being good
4) God is all the time Good to me
5) God is good


Rich Tatum said...

Carl from RevivalBlog tagged me. So, I threw in my hat. Here are a few things I dig about Jesus:

1: Jesus digs puns
2: Jesus digs children
3: Jesus digs stories
4: Jesus digs naps
5: Jesus digs freaks and geeks

Okay, maybe not overly spiritual. But if you want to see my rationale, see my post:

The I Dig Jesus Meme: My Response