Monday, June 04, 2007

"...It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me."

Galatians 2:20 NASB
Again, I hear loudly.....we are the Church, the Body of Christ.

From a great posting....on "Awakening" called "Who Shall Build A House For Me? Read it all. I love finding these treasured sites and to see so much of what I am feeling playing out in the world around me. I pray that He might use this vessel, again, broken and battered as it is to live His life out of - to those who cross the path of it.

"House church isn't the answer to these ills in the church. A return to a pilgrim mentality that we are just passing through is in order. We are a people on a journey toward home. To stay and camp in one area for too long is detrimental to our moving forward into the "promised land of God" called heaven. When we get comfortable, we first pitch a tent. Then we plant a field. Then we build a wall. Then we replace the tent with a permanent structure. Then we build a city around our permanent structure. All along we are losing our compass reading. We are pointed toward the earth, rather than toward our eternal home. The things of the earth become more precious than the things of eternity. We want to stay here, rather than longing for being with God fully in eternity. Again, all the while, the Father weeps over our misplaced priorities."

(I interject here, to make note of the number of "we, we, we's that are in this way of doing life. Nothing that I do....but what He does in and through me...sorry, but it stands out like a purple elephant to me :) )

"Simply ask yourself, "Am I too comfortable here in this strange land called earth?" If so, then ask the Spirit to reorient you back to Jesus and His vision of the people of God on a journey toward home. And, while you are at it, invite the lost to get on the narrow road with you by entering through faith in Christ "

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