Monday, June 25, 2007


So today, I am dealing with an issue of "what the heck am I doing?" and is this where you want me, Lord? On a picket line, with my co-workers as we are on strike. This became effective Saturday evening at midnight. Yes, so I am reading one of my favourite blogs "Today at the Mission", and the blog is about a wedding attended. I feel a little out of sorts today in the same way only different, if you know what I mean. It isn't about the opulence or the surrealness of the whole is just a feeling of displacement, of not belonging amongst the throng of those who truly believe in their cause, and their work ethic and their long justifications and their real needs. Bottom line is we live a blessed life. It is hard to be a part of something and yet be separate. I don't doubt for a moment that this need for a strike is a very real need....I just can't get overly excited or interested in something that is beyond my understanding of where I am placed in this is more than about the is about touching the lives of every single person around me by being the vessel that Jesus would use. Is He able to use me here? I know He can in some way, but what a strange experience. I have worked at this job for a very long time..................this is my main means of support, not my second and more "meaningful" part-time job at the christian book store. :) I don't know... It was a tough day out there today in more ways than one....very warm and very loud and negative in a lot of ways. Let me sleep on this one tonight....ZZZzzzz

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