Sunday, October 15, 2006

Down for the Count...

You know there are few teacher/pastors who have (through Jesus) have taught me so much about this walk in Christ as Frank Friedman. He knows not the things he brings into my life, but God does. He uses him mightily to reveal passages of Scripture that have tripped me up or made me question. His phrase by phrase teaching of the Word, as I am open to the Holy Spirit's leading....brings understanding to me. He teaches Jesus in every thing he says. I am not enamored by his presence, manner or appearance as I have never seen the man. He speaks of relationship with Jesus and others and despite his inevitable imperfections.....we all have 'em friends :), he speaks of how this translates to our relationship with others. The word I have from God about this man is spoken Truth. I know that time and experience have seasoned this man to be used by God. He brings joy to my devotional life. He leads me to Jesus to go deeper into His Life. Some thoughts that he brought me to today.

"You don't have to tell me how your walk in Christ is going.....We can tell that just by how you treat the people around you...yep, right again. If you don't yield yourself to the resource from where all life flows from, get back to Him, to Jesus.....this ministry costs each one of us...but the cost is worth the reward. We must live according to His agenda, not ours. The hope that is ours in Jesus is what allows us to look to others and sharing Him and the hope He gives us, the result of that. The heart of Christ has a heart for others. A true shepherd will be concerned with the people of the church and their well-being. A single minded spirit, a seasoned spirit, a tested spirit."

He brings me back into the ring, even though it is easier to be out of it despite me wanting in my flesh to stay out, I must be in it, I want to be in it because that is where He wants to be.... living in and through me.

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Mikey's God Talk said...

Down but not out, never out, always hope with Jesus!!

Mikey <>< <>< <><