Sunday, October 22, 2006

From "His Victorious Indwelling"....Today

I felt directed to this devotional again today, (even when I just got a new devotional by Manning titled Reflections for Ragamuffins, and you all know how much I love Manning's reflections). :)
Well, as you can see there are reasons and healing messages provided as we listen to the directions of the Holy Spirit. May those of you who need to hear His voice, and feel His touch, especially today......reach out to those around you in honesty and truth and joyfully receive what is given to you, by Him, through those who love you.

"It is ever a fatal mistake when we measure the difficulties of service by what we are. The question is what God is; and the difficulties that appear as mountains, looming through the mists of our unbelief, are nothing to Him but the occasion for the display of His omnipotent power."
Edward Dennett

"I rejoice in the afflictions which I bear for your sake, and I fill up what yet is lacking of the sufferings of Christ...on behalf of the church." Colossians 1:24

"Is it not wonderful that the Christ of Calvary came and first lived the life He wants us to live? He came and lived it first, and then through His death, and our death with Him, He desires to live it all out again in us, saying of the poor dark world of men, "Through My children they will understand Me, for there is the same spirit in them as there was in Me."

We can see now why Paul was able to say, "I rejoice in the afflictions which I bear for your sake, and I fill up what yet is lacking of the sufferings of Christ....on behalf of the church," and again in Philippians 2:17-18, "Though my blood be poured forth upon the ministration of your faith, I rejoice for myself, and with you all, and do ye likewise rejoice, both for yourselves and with me."

Do you "rejoice" when others are poured out for you for Christ's sake? Oh no, you say, I am willing to be spent, but I do not want anyone spent for me! Ah, but it takes much grace for some independent characters to allow anyone to be 'spent out' for them! But Paul said, "Though my blood be poured forth, I rejoice....and do ye likewise rejoice." Neither Paul, nor others, must be robbed of their fruit, when they desire to lay down their lives for others. How it pains when those in need are unwilling to have anything done for them.

Take heed lest there be "self" even in this. Christ, for the joy set before Him endured the Cross. There is a joy in sacrifice for others that is divine. "My joy I give unto you!" "Joy" on the eve of Calvary! This is the experiential path. Shall we follow it? You say, Yes? Then let the Holy Spirit manage you, and your circumstances, and carry it out in His own way."

Jessie Penn-Lewis

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