Sunday, October 01, 2006

On Porcupines and Vultures

Found this gem today as I was .....hmmm .... what was I doing?....doesn't matter....from one of the good guys...Max Lucado.

"Does bumping into certain people leave you brittle, breakable, and fruitless? Do you easily fall apart? If so, your love may be grounded in the wrong soil, it may be rooted in their love (which is fickle) or in your resolve to love (which is frail). John urges us to rely on the love God has for us (1John 4:26). He alone is the power source.

Many people tell us to love. Only God gives us the power to do so.

We know what God wants us to do. "This is what God commands....that we love each other" (1 John 3:23). But how can we? How can we be kind to the vow breakers? To those who are unkind to me? How can we be patient with people who have the warmth of a vulture and the tenderness of a porcupine? How can we forgive the moneygrabbers and backstabbers we meet, love, and marry? How can we love as God loves? We want to. We long to. But how can we?

By living loved."

from A Love Worth Giving

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