Sunday, January 07, 2007


"What is abandonment? It is forgetting your past; it is leaving the future in His hands; it is devoting the present fully and completely to your Lord. Abandonment is being satisfied with the present moment, no matter what the moment contains. You are satisfied because you know that whatever that moment has, it contains - in that instant - God's eternal plan for you."

"Abandonment is casting off all your cares. Abandonment is dropping all your
needs. This includes spiritual needs. Let me repeat that, for it is not easily
grasped. Abandonment is laying aside, forever, all of your spiritual needs."

Jeanne Guyon from Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ


Walking Church said...

I cannot help but see a tie to your post along the lines of 'forgiveness' and abandonment. I heard not too long ago that when we forgive others who have hurt us (sinned against us) that we fore-go the right to ever bring it up again. Is that not what God has done for us? He will never speak of our failure again.

I can't help but see that this is a catalyst of that which is healing our scars. It forces us to move on. Abandon our hurt and move on. We can always dump our hurt (even memories of) onto Jesus...for his strips heal us.

think'n out loud

In Christ Alone said...

Interesting take, my brother, very is a journey and a very accurate understanding of this saint's experience as of late. The thing about forgiveness that I have found is, that when it is true forgiveness.... it releases you and you are can move really do forget. Now when flesh over-rides our true Life that is Him, for those moments that we allow and certainly do ...the first thing on the agenda....bring back those hurts to mind...but in that glorious abandonment to Jesus...for me, anyway has released a lot of that ... how can it not... if one's spirit is one with His can His perfection and I guess our perfection in Him do anything less than Divinely forgive. It becomes much easier to return quickly to the place within where He awaits to again remind us .... He has overcome all of that. Rest in Me.

Thanks for thinking out loud.

In Him,