Sunday, January 28, 2007

So Funny

So, I am on holidays from the full-time job this week and have been having so much fun checking out different blogging sites that are kind of vast and varied but also like-minded in some ways. Anywhooo.... Pastor Mike from on coffee always has a very interesting array of articles from others and himself to check out. So through him to the D'caffeinated Pickle I read this quote from Dale Friesen.

"Heaven have mercy on us all-Presbyterians and Pagans alike-for we are all somehow dreadfully cracked about the head and sadly need mending."

Melville, (Moby Dick)

I just laughed and laughed. Very slow day here at the home. :)

Which lead me to ....Friesen....there is a lot of them thar' Friesens and Froesen's my small sheltered, (non-mennonite background) life. Interesting....almost as many as Klassens....great names without question....but where are the Jones and Smiths and Whites....??? One of them just happens to be my maiden name.....nary a one in sight.... :) ~sigh~

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Walking Church said...

Slow day for 'walkingchurch' - I so wanted to be apart of community meeting yesterday. It was too cold for a hoof...and I really didn't sense an outing.

Stayed home - daughter had cold so the girls didn't do megga OREC.

Cleaned up den, played some guitar, and loaded up software on the 'lappy 286'.