Sunday, January 28, 2007

Good Friends

Okay so, if you haven't noticed by my posts....not even recent posts but all my posts...I really haven't taken the time to learn how to link and I still have the space thing (you know, those wide random spaces within my blogs that I have no idea where they come from :), to figure out. Well, RoG over at walking church sent me a very kind e-mail and took me through the process and look at this .......!!!!! I am linking! I could have sent him a quiet e-mail thanking him...but he took the time to teach me something about this blogging ....and even though I know it ain't rocket science.....(I am reaching the half-century mark this year).... this age of technology sometimes overwhelms me, he blessed the socks off of me by doing this. Check out his blog. RoG is always sharing some spiritual truth = Jesus with those who drop by. So thanks for your kindness, my friend and being respectful about telling your elders how to manage their blogs....:) You are one of the good guys. God bless. ((((((It truly is the little things that rock my world.)))))