Saturday, January 20, 2007

Why not?

Well, it is time for a kind of girly girl kind of a post from nightwatch. Only those brothers who are comfortable with fairy tales should proceed. :) Actually this post can be read by all...take what you will away from it.....theologically simple....a great read and food for thought....for all of us who desire a better world. Taken from a book by Nicole Johnson....Keeping a Princess Heart.

"It is right that we should desire to live in a world full of love.
Our hopes to have beautiful homes and lovely gardens are neither bad nor wrong.
Our longings for happy endings are good. All these hungers remind us that our hearts are homesick for a better world - a world that runs the way it is supposed to, a world not ruined by sin. For it is sin, or the way the world has gone wrong, that is the real wrong - not our desires, not our dreams, not our longings.

Paul Marshall writes this in Heaven Is Not My Home:
Sin is not the story; it is the blight on the story. Sin distorts everything, perverts everything, and corrupts everything. It is not sin that makes us bear children, but it is sin that makes us bear children, but it is sin that makes childbearing painful. It is not sin that attracts men and women, but it is sin that fills our relations with control and suspicions. It is not sin that makes music, but it is sin that fills our songs with vanity and lust. It is not sin that makes us construct cities and towers, but it is sin that makes those towers symbols of pride and power. It is not sin that calls human beings to live and love, to make music, and art, to work and create, to plant and to harvest, to play and dance. But it is sin that undercuts and perverts them all.

Sin does not create things. It has no originality, no creativity, no being in itself. Sin lives off that which is good. It is a parasite, feeding greedily on the goodness of what God has made.

The goodness of what God has made and the hints of the way/the world should have gone are evident everywhere. We see it so clearly when we are captivated by nature's raw beauty. We notice it when we are playing or throwing our heads back in laughter. We experience it when we are dancing or reading poetry. We taste it when we sit down to a great meal. And we feel it most keenly when we love. There is so much to taste and see and enjoy and feel in the lives God has given us.

But alas, as wonderful as it all is, it still falls short. Beauty is marred, the laughter ends, the dance is over, nature changes, and love wounds. Nothing lasts. Even the dusk is poignant in its own way. Everything around us has been touched by sin, and even the best things are affected.

So it is with truth......."

More to come....hope your curiosity has been tickled.

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The Righteousness of God said...

I have a sudden urge to draw a hot bubble bath and paint my toe nails...roaring in broken masculinity..RoG..

p.s. I think the easiest defn of sin is: anything that gets in the way with our relationship with God.