Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tagged by RoG

Okay so this is the thing...RoG from Walking Church tagged me and these are the instructions.
I love games...

1) grab the nearest book to you
2) go to page 123
3) go to the fourth sentence and post the next three sentences
4) name the title and author of the book
5) tag three others to do the same

Two books did not have page weird is that? The thing is I never would have even known this if this game of tag had not come about. So Soul Cravings and The Dust Off Their Feet ....the two top books in the pile beside my desk could not be included....yes, I can count to 123 but I didn't want to!

"It may be at times you are so full of love and so awestruck at His presence that you do not know how to speak. That is all right! Your Father is far more pleased with these words - words which He sees pouring out from a heart that is full of love - than He could ever be by elaborate-sounding words that are dry and lifeless."

Jeanne Guyon from Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ. Third in the pile. I love to play games is the rules that confuzzle me.

I will tag:

Redeemed Riders

We might have to wait on the Lord for some of these responses. :)

Thanks RoG.....How many pounds of books have you read on Sparks, so far? Keep it coming!


Walking Church said...

Thanks for playing along. I am not sure what the purpose is. Maybe to get into the minds of what your friends are reading...perhaps a variation of a bad chain letter. I humoured Pastor Mike at who was a victim of purple pastor. The rules are also at Mike's blog.

I am extremely fat and happy digesting my Sparks books...problem is like fast food, if you eat too much at one sitting it is painful! Giggling RoG of walking fame....the only church that will tell you to take a hike!

JSBreeze - Grace Roots said...

Thanks nightwatch! I took you up on it and posted from p. 123 of Grace Rules. And I tagged 3 others. Fun game. :)

ryan said...

thanks for stoping by my blog or just crossing paths. be blessed ryan