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"Think of the worst sin you have ever committed. Do you have it in mind? Do you remember the specifics of the sin - what you were thinking and how you were feeling when you committed it? Now think of Jesus Christ hanging on the cross. His brow, feet, and hands pierced and bleeding. His head hangs in agony. You are standing at the foot of the cross when He lifts His head and looks you directly in the eyes. He looks deeply into your eyes, and you into His. You feel the love emanating from His gaze, then He speaks: "I love you, my child. I know about your worst sin. I know every detail. I know about all your sins. That's why I'm here. I forgive you. I forgive you; now forgive yourself and let's forget this sin and agree to never mention it again."

If it were possible for a moment to move beyond the restraints of this dimension we call time and see the cross from the eternal perspective, that is what we would hear Jesus say. All is well. Your sins are forgiven forever. Now, answer this question: Does that realization cause you to want to go out and sin, or does it cause you to want to live a godly lifestyle because of your great love and appreciation for Jesus?"

From Grace Amazing by Steve McVey

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Mikey's God Talk said...

Interesting is the fact it is picture the ball of legalism, it is a carnal sin, as He looks into our eyes from the cross and cries out "It is finished" we are set free, free from legalism and all the other things that bind us. If the Son of Man sets you free then you are free ideed. We are loved!

Mikey <>< <>< <><