Saturday, September 09, 2006



Gentleness is His strength through me in control?

Being genuine is being immersed in the Person of Jesus Christ?

"The true spirit of charity is never to judge rashly, never to interpret the actions of others in an ill-sense, but to be compassionate in their infirmities, bear their burdens, excuse their weaknesses and make up for their defects - to hate their imperfections, but to love themselves." Nicolas Caussin

This quote is and of this even possible? I have to think not.....only Christ in me could be so charitable?


Walking Church said...

would agree with you - i can't do it, Jesus has to as I am being transformed into his likeness

Child of the King said...

How good to know that we in and of ourselves can do and need to do nothing...just as creation belongs to Christ, so do we. Not only are we redeemed but we are also restored (more on this know, whenever I get to that blog site of mine) "All to Jesus I surrender, All to Him I freely give" To yield is to love and be loved! love ya