Saturday, September 16, 2006

God in our Lives

These eyes are seeing things a little more clearly.

The desire of my heart is that the things I see are true and not skewed.

Are we experiencing the fullness of life that Jesus talked about?

Where is the fruit that should be there?

I will continue to abide. I do not want to wither.

If this One Thing is true....then what.

No more maybes.....He will flourish.....through this branch.

He impresses upon me .... unapologetically I submit.

I desire to experience His Presence in everything that comes before me each day.

If it be a desert around me....He will be the lush greenery I am displaying.

John 15

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Mikey's God Talk said...

We need only to open our eyes to see His splendor. His hand is in all we survey. He is the Vine, apart from Him we can do Nothing. Jonh15;5 (my favorite verse)

Mikey <>< <>< <><