Friday, September 22, 2006

The Woman at the well....thirsting for.....

Again, some thoughts on the Samaritan woman and how she hesitated with Jesus as He spoke to her. Maybe her assumption was that like so many men in her life, now and before .... He was invading her personal space for personal gain.....? What was it that He wanted with her? She 'knew' that there had to be ulterior motives.....and yet?

Jesus was not fooling her or looking at her with anything but love ..... He knew her world and all the lies and hurts and deceptions that it had held for her.....He was about to change everything for her...He knew there was a thirst in her (as is in each one of us)....He knew her life was meaningless and empty and sad as relationships she had with others had failed to satisfy. He was able to break through the coverings and hidden places and disclose her life to her as they discussed something so theological, if you and when to worship. Interesting eh? How this discussion, a safe place for her to hide in.....away from the horrible reality of her life and brought her to the place where she was able to open up her heart and have this encounter with Jesus. She 'knew' the Messiah was coming....she longed for that day....she longed for meaning in her life and an understanding of the circumstances around her. He was able to break through the discomfort she felt about herself and her life and reveal the Truth, the Life and the Hope to her.
As she waited .... for the her broken life...never, ever did she think or dream that He would come to her...right where she was... seeing her heart and showing her how to open it to the Messiah ...He loves us that much....and so much more.... He is right there....right now...inside and around....enveloping us in that love if we open ourselves up for Him...if we in some fashion 'see' Him as the door to Life itself. The Way to quenching the insatiable thirst within her....that was 'just' what He did and does for us ..... looks past the circumstances of our lives...and the outward appearances... and looks at our hearts and reveals to us just who we are in His His sight with His acceptance and love that is undefinable in this realm......Look at the Love that is Him and what it has done to me!

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