Sunday, September 03, 2006

What are you looking for?

Today... what is it that you are looking for here? Something you can find by looking to Him? He is the master controller of this and that of things to do with the here and there. The more I search out Him....the more I find there is to search out. This is a life of no ending and He is caring for me as I cast all my cares on Him. I do not do everything right or to His Glory and Honour....He does things through me that I can take no credit for. I thank God for that today....that not all I do is pretty...that not all I say is pretty and that my thoughts are just that, my thoughts....I thank Him that He is living His life through me when I surrender the unrelenting urge to do it all myself and my way. I totally tried to control the way things went this week...forgetting that He can do it so much better than I ....perfectly, if you will. So somehow with His never failing faithfulness to me and mine....He has answered the prayers I prayed this week....not all of them the way I wanted....because of selfish ambition and desires...but He answered. My son is off to University again for his third the grace of God...and we have endured his four month stay with us....yet again.....with the favour of God being bestowed upon him (even though he doesn't totally recognize that quite yet), and the girls begin their third year of high school under His constant, watchful eye and I do thank Him for that. He has provided over and above what I could ever have imagined...oh is not of the material realm that I speak of.....He has allowed my kids and myself to see His so many things this summer and much of this is in the more difficult circumstances that we come face to face with on a daily basis....because He is the Calm in those circumstances, the Peace.....and the Hope .....for that day that we turn and continue forward because He and He alone has brought us I thank Him today....and although I am amazed when I read about the lives of others....who have such a supportive family around them they interact and pray together and live this life in Him out so seemingly unscathed by circumstances that I face....I remember that the uniqueness of myself....made in His image, and the uniqueness of each one of us and our particular situation has His purpose all inclusive in all the circumstances....and I stand....with His arms ever encircling this situation that He has graciously allowed me to be a part the vessel.....imperfect always until Glory....Him the controller of that I continue to groan and complain.....He smiles His comfort through me.....He is so able. I thank Him for the difficulties that I face....they lead me always to one place.....Him.


Child of the King said...

You gotta know that I love the picture. How unique and singular yet fits firmly in the creation. Some how I see that all the oddities are really just the norm for God. My heart soars with the realization that my unique oddity (and yours) also fits firmly in His creation! Thanks be to Him who has given sooo much!

In Christ Alone said...

Thank you for suggesting that I have a unique oddity. I would like to think that true and consider that high praise to the One who makes me unique and odd. I am truly coming to the place where being only consumed by Him and this love and favour that He has freely given to me...make no never mind about the world and what it thinks...they march to their own drums and flavours of the month.....Christ is my Life and nothing else satisfies.
Love to hear your responses, my friend, my sister. :)