Friday, September 15, 2006

Through His Eyes

The message that spoke so voluminously to me today...brought me to the place of tears and brokenness was about how we look at others....and how we look at ourselves.

You can no longer look with your eyes at those people (you know...those that have hurt, abused, caused the pain that just doesn't go away it seems.....those people....we all have them....don't even tell me you don't) or you can no longer look with your eyes at yourself (you know.... the ugly, dark and hidden you that is not quite morphed into what your true identity of who you are in Christ would lead you to be).

It is a working of God because of Christ in us, when this becomes real. Our humanness makes us think the worst. ....when someone, or a bunch of someones have done things to you or others that you see so clearly to be hurtful, hateful, evil, against all the things you see as good and true, and God looks at them through your eyes and sees them in the light of Himself, believer or unbeliever and when you have done something so clearly hurtful, hateful, evil against yourself or others...and it is an action that you have not been able to look at without shame, regret, guilt (you know the drill).... and you see what God sees when He looks at you.....oh my....what a revelation that is.

If you have an intimate relationship with Jesus, you speak of having His love ....and you believe it, and you have the Spirit of the Holy God living inside you ....the very Jesus Christ living in and through you, but oh man......when the eyes of Jesus shine from the inside of you just know that it has no way or part of anything to do with you! Because if it did .... there would be hurt and anger and rage and unforgiveness ...... has this hit a too....not quite there ..... I hear you.....but when you get a glimpse of what this is I had today, when He does the seeing and He will, as you allow.....there is freedom in that....looking at others and yourself....never, never was like this..... :)

Trust me....better yet, trust Him......You will never see things the same .....because He is your Eyes....your Heart....your Life.

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