Thursday, May 03, 2007

Each connection an opportunity for Christ to be seen.

From Forward Motion
The World is Here
"April 19, 2007
Checking in to my second hotel in as many days I was struck by the fact that the world has arrived to America.
Case in point:

Mary (from Austin) greeted me at the counter and checked me into room 217.

Lousakas (from India) was behind me in line.

Eugene (from Africa) was there as a Hampton Inn engineer on call.

Nina and her co-worker (both from Mexico) were cleaning the rooms next to where I would be staying.

Aniko (from Japan) found me on the elevator as I went back downstairs to get a USA today.

Vickie (from Canada) was working the desk when I made it back downstairs.

In my first 10 minutes at this new hotel I met 7 new friends, all from different points around the world. I didn’t talk long to each of them, but long enough to learn their names and where they were from. Though the conversation was brief, it was sincere and encouraging for all involved.
I am realizing more and more that this life I live on mission for Christ doesn’t require me to board a plane to learn from and hopefully make a difference in other cultures. A simple checking in at a local hotel does the job quite nicely!
This weekend look around you. Engage the different faces you meet. Listen to them. Ask great questions (’what makes you come alive?’ or ‘what do you miss most about your country?’) Become a learner as you appreciate how God has allowed the people of the earth to come into your life. You won’t regret it, and you will make some friends from all around the globe."

I add that wherever you are....not just the jet-setters of the world...may we take the time to let His Life that is in us be seen by those we would cross paths with even if only for a moment. It can be the difference. It really can. Even for those who would condemn or judge.

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