Friday, May 18, 2007

Mr. Phillips' Quote

"Jesus, like all other religious leaders, taught men to pray, that is, He taught them to look away from the world of ordinary sense impressions and to open the heart and spirit to God; yet He is always insistent that religion must be related to life. It is only by contact with God that a better quality of living can be achieved -- and Jesus Himself, as the records show, spent many hours in communion with God -- yet that new quality of life has to be both demonstrated and tested in the ordinary rough-and-tumble of plain living. It is in ordinary human relationships that the validity of a man's communion with God is to be proved."
J. B. Phillips

From Biography (this source)
John Bertram Phillips (1906–82)

Bible translator, writer, and broadcaster, born in London, UK. He was made famous by Letters to Young Churches (1947), translations of Paul's epistles begun in 1941 to encourage his church youth club, and in due course by the complete New Testament in Modern English (1958). He wrote a dozen best sellers, including Your God is Too Small (1952), A Man Called Jesus (1959), and Ring of Truth: a Translator's Testimony (1967).

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