Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Inspiration for today

From Richard at "For such a time as this". Part of a post entitled "Back to basics" that truly captured me today.

"Some of us will plant the Gospel in the hearts of men; others of us will water the seed by encouraging continued spiritual transformation. But ultimately, it will be God that causes an individual to grow, as He orchestrates the cultivation process. The gardener may put his plants in the earth and water them, but he can't cause them to grow. The desired result of spiritual growth is a believer being transformed into the image of Christ. A mature disciple is one who walks intimately with Christ, one who lives in community with others and one who serves both the church & the world. All throughout the Bible, God has used people to bring about His purpose and plans in the lives of others. Time for Self-Examination: You are not an insignificant speck on the edge of eternity. You are a unique, divinely created individual with gifts and talents that can be used to glorify God."

I know there is more He is leading me to. To wait on Him and hear His voice, the more difficult part of this. I have this idea...it seems too fantastical for me to carry it out....is this of Him? I wait and pray to see Him develop my idea? or is it His?

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