Friday, May 04, 2007

'Tis Grace'

I used to look at people a lot more than I do now and wonder. Now I look within myself and how God has changed my thinking. He has transformed my thinking. My wondering is more loving, grace initiated. It used to be different. As I look within how can I not extend grace to others. He is the epitome of grace. He is Grace. Again, nothing I do. He works His perfectness in all my thinking, my actions, my entire life and even in the least of us.....that would be me. In Him......I am myself, I am not....of course, I already 'know' that.....I am just realizing and recognizing it more and more.

I am amazed!

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JSBreeze - Grace Roots said...

Just wanted to say that reading the things you post here, whether from books, articles, or your own thoughts, etc, has been playing a huge part for me in "realizing and recognizing more and more" what I already "know." :) It's very encouraging to hear testimonies of the simplicity of grace at work in others such as yourself.