Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Packer -

From a great blog....Printed Matters

"Love, generally” wrote James Orr, “is that principle which leads one moral being to desire and delight in another, and reaches its highest form in that personal fellowship in which each lives in the life of the other, and finds his joy in imparting himself to the other, and in receiving back the outflow of that other’s affection unto himself”

J.I. Packer asks the question, “Could an observer learn from the quality and degree of love that I show to others… my family? My neighbors? People at church? People at work? —anything at all about the greatness of God’s love to me? Meditate upon these things. Examine yourself.

Taken from Knowing God p.125,127 by J.I. Packer"

My only thought is .... if Christ lives in me and through me....I pray that I am out of the way and that people see Him....because He is Love!

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Nicholas Byfleet said...

Thanks for the link and comment, I really like your blog.

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