Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy am I!

I don't know how much you that have one of the visitor maps on your blog site watch them....I don't really except to see what continents and countries are stopping by...not being a world traveller, this is as close to connecting with other cultures as I am going to get for a while anyway.... :)
Might I just say....Africa has checked in.... this makes me very happy in an odd sort of way....
Now I am awaiting for the rest of the world to check in. So cool...I know... it really is the small things that are huge to me. I love the connections and the reality that these are my brothers and my sisters that I shall one day share the Light of Heaven with. How truly awesome!


Steve F. said...

Thanks for stopping by tonight.

There is an old folk song titled "Common Threads," whose first verse says that we live "in a many-colored fabric, made from strands of common thread." I continue to be amazed at the connections that I find - from a 22 year old blogger 100 miles down the road here in Ohio to a teenager from Australia to a English soldier in Ireland. And today, a gay youth from South America. Who knew the strands would stretch so far?

Your comments weaves yet another strand into the fabric - and makes the whole a bit brighter. So thanks for sharing...

In Christ Alone said...

Thanks for stopping by yourself :)
I love the whole weaving idea...our lives are woven in and out and by the ones who we connect with in so many different ways. Blogging is just one way - I love this journey and you made my tapestry a little brighter as well. God bless you, my brother.
In Him,