Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Gate....Gems today

Page 212

"God's literally transformed my life," she said, her voice as soft as rainwater. "The thoughts that come to me are so different now that I'm attuned to Him. Yesterday, a tiny hummingbird found its way to our wild plum tree. As it hovered at each blossom, it extracted the nectar and left the rest behind. It's only the sweetness of each conversation, of each event, that I intend to absorb. What feeds our minds will come out in our lives and, sooner or later, we'll all arrive at the secret thoughts of our hearts."

Pg. 215

Staring down at his own reflection, he realized that he, too, searched the face of every person he met, looking for the gentle character of Christ. Every child of God possesses the longing, he conjectured, to meet brothers and sisters born of the same Spirit. ....Why is this craving for fellowship such a mystery to unbelievers?

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