Thursday, May 31, 2007

Who are You?

From Lifetime Guarantee

Defining a Hypocrite

By Preston Gillham

"I found a great theological truth in, the dictionary of all places. "Hypocrite" is defined as a person who acts contrary to who they really are. Considering what God says about you is it possible that you are a hypocrite?
Do you know what God says about Believers? He says we are saints, that we are righteous, holy, and forgiven. That doesn't mean we're perfect but it does mean we're new people! Act like a saint and it will be in keeping with what God says you are... whether you feel like it's true or not.
You must understand who you are as a child of God if you ever hope to act like it. You will act like the person you believe yourself to be. Once you understand who you truly are, you'll behave as you never thought possible."

Never hurts to be reminded!

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